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Workshop action shot

Workshop action shot


Aisling Barclay

Hello I'm Aisling, a scottish UX/UI Designer with 4+ years of experience who has just moved from London to Melbourne to Auckland. 

Over the last 4.5 years my experience ranges from working at cloud-based FinTech startups and Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) agencies in London, to enterprises such as MYOB in Melbourne. I’ve worked with a broad range of clients across Finance, Retail, Travel & Healthcare industries to name a few, and in the process gained a holistic understanding of what it takes to bring a project to life through Qualitative and Quantitative research, Iterative design, Agile development, A/B testing and experimentation.  

My approach to design is similar to my approach to life; guided by a love of learning and breaking away from tradition and routine, while my UX process is rooted in psychology - an obsession with the way our minds work. With an adaptable and experimental mindset towards creative problem solving I believe that great design is the intersection between human empathy and strategic vision. That being said, I would love to dedicate my skills to working on projects that help people, challenge the status quo and dare to experiment. 





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